Welcome to my Blog

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a very long time.  During and after my divorce, I had many friends who followed my journey and encouraged me to blog and share the insights I had gained through that process.  I don’t know that there is any real “wisdom” or anything new here, but it was new and sometimes earth-shattering to me.

Before I share what I went through and where I am now, some background might be a bit helpful.  I grew up in Mayberry.  Well, not ACTUAL Mayberry, but something very similar.  Fayetteville, GA in the mid-60’s and 70’s was the quintessential small town.  Families who had been there for generations, lots of farmland and the farmers to go with it, little town square with a beautiful, majestic, white Courthouse right in the middle – clock tower and all!  My family has been there forever – my Daddy’s Daddy went to my high school, as did both my parents, numerous cousins and some of their children.  I was born a FCHS Tiger, and I will die one!

My childhood was filled with football and camping trips, square dancing at the Post House (American Legion Hall) and hours and hours of bike riding, weekly visits to both sets of grandparents and family reunions in Uncle Jake’s front yard, complete with sweet tea and lemonade in big galvanized washtubs with metal dippers, block ice, and leaves from the pecan trees we used for shade.  I had 5 sets of ACTUAL Aunts and Uncles (including my Mother’s brother), then you start with the “Greats” and the cousins and those friends of my parents who became Aunts and Uncles.  When you’re talking about the Harris family “there’s a whole lot of ‘em”!  More than once in my life I’ve heard “You’re a Harris; I don’t know which one, but you are one!”  And I am.  Hook, line and sinker.   Irrefutably, undeniably, unashamedly.  I am proud of my family.  I am proud of my heritage, of the Harris clan (Whites, Banks, Steeles, Fields, Allisons, and on and on) before me who were hard workers, dependable, honest, trustworthy, loving, caring, giving.  I am proud of my sister and cousins – our generation – who are carrying on these traits and doing all we can to instill them in the next generation.

I tell you all of this so if you choose to read what I write, you will know the perspective from which I see things.  It’s probably different from yours – it is a lot of people I’ve encountered.  I was blessed, and I know it.  I grew up with parents who loved me and were active in my life, a sister who kicked my butt, but would lay you out for messing with me, and more extended family than pretty much anyone I know.  Our circle is big, and tight!  I am a Southern girl from a small town with a big family!  I am not naïve, but I am generally positive and try to see the best in people and situations.  So, that’s my background in a nutshell.  Those who know me would tell you to hang on!  You just never know where my crazy mind is going next!  We’ll talk soon.  J