What Now?

I was having a conversation with my friend Patty yesterday.  We do this every couple of weeks, if not more often.  I’m driving home from work, and it’s three hours earlier for her, so it’s a good time to talk (yes I have Bluetooth so I’m not breaking any laws!)

We became friends, several years ago, when our daughters were in theater together.   When you spend pretty much every “free” hour of your life with people, you WILL form friendships!   If I want no frills honesty, Patty is who I call.  She is the sweetest friend, and will flat out tell it like it is!  I appreciate that about her. She and her awesome Hank are back in CA, so phone calls have to suffice for now.  Anyway, the phone call.

All the usual “how are things going”, etc.  She just lost her Mother, so there is comfort for us both.  I have a couple of years of experience on her in that regard, so maybe I can help.  At least I can empathize.  Then we began to talk about our statuses.  I don’t mean the latest Facebook post, but where we are in life.  All of our children – 9 between us – are grown and on their own. (I don’t get credit for raising my bonus daughter, but I love her and she is has been “assimilated” into the Harris clan, therefore I count 3!)  So the question is what do we do now?  We have wonderful husbands, great kids, family and friends we love dearly.  As we not really bemoaned our circumstances, more just questioned, it hit me.  Being a mom is the ONE thing in my life I feel like I did well.  Not perfect by any means (I’m certain my loving children will agree with that!), but I gave it everything I had.  THEY were my passion.  My focus was on rearing kind, compassionate, contributing members of society.  People other people enjoy being around.  I’d like to think I was pretty successful in that regard.  I’m very proud of them and people they have become and are continuing to become.

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know about my journey to me after my divorce.   Who I AM is not the problem.  What do I DO is the question.  Where is that passion?  What is the outlet for that?  And I don’t think I’m alone in that struggle.  I know at least Patty is there with me.  I have a feeling many of you, my dear reader-friends, are as well.  We are at that stage in life.  It’s not a bad thing, just different.  What are YOU doing?  Where did you find your passion?  What is your outlet?  I truly want to know.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We are nurturers by nature.  When the natural progression of life moves your “nuturees” on, what do you do with what you still have?  Comment here, Facebook me.  Maybe, just maybe, we can help each other figure it out.

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  1. My passion is baking! It may be a borderline obsession! Baking is my therapy, one of my happy places, which I loved to bake since I was a little girl, seeing my Grandma bake. I saw her joy and I now know why. 😊

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